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The Aladdin Trial

When an elderly artist plunges one hundred feet to her death at a London hospital, the police sense foul play.

The hospital cleaner, a Syrian refugee, is arrested for her murder. He protests his innocence, but why did he give her the story of Aladdin to read and why does he shake uncontrollably in times of stress?

Judith Burton and Constance Lamb reunite to defend a man the media has already convicted. In a spellbinding courtroom confrontation in which they once more grapple with wholesale replica rolex datejust rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens m126303 0013 two tone 12mm all-too-possible developments in artificial intelligence, they uncover not only the cleaner’s secrets, but also those of the artist’s family, her lawyer and the hospital.

A new Burton and Lamb legal thriller with an AI twist from the author of the acclaimed The Pinocchio Brief.

Available in June 2018 from Lightning Books and from Amazon


“An intense and compelling legal drama – quite wonderful”

Geoffrey Wansell

“It is Abi Silver’s imaginative touches as well as her thorough legal knowledge that make her imitation prada courtroom thrillers stand out”

Jake Kerridge

“Like a chess Grandmaster, Silver expertly manoeuvres the pieces of her plot to craft a tense, intelligent mystery”

Chris Simms

“This is the perfect follow-up to The Pinocchio Brief. I was kept guessing all the way through and the grand reveal was reminiscent of Poirot at his finest. I loved The Aladdin Trial!”

Claire Knight – A Knight’s Reads

“An enjoyably elaborate and distinctive variation on the courtroom thriller”

Martin Edwards, author of Gallows Court and the Lake District Mysteries

“An appealing and involving plot with a strongly contemporary flavour, and an unexpected and very engaging denouement”

Ted Childs, creator of Kavanagh QC 

Also by Abi Silver