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I’m delighted to announce that the sixth Burton & Lamb novel, The Ambrosia Project, is to be published on 13 October 2022. For more on the next instalment click here.

Abi Silver draws on her years of experience as a lawyer to craft her legal thrillers. Set in London, they feature the partnership of Judith Burton and Constance Lamb, brought together in The Pinocchio Brief to defend a boy on trial for murdering his teacher and reunited in The Aladdin Trial, supporting a Syrian cleaner accused of killing an elderly artist. In Abi’s third novel The Cinderella Plan they face an unusual challenge – a client who may not want to go free. In The Rapunzel Act, it’s all hands on deck when the cameras roll into the courtroom. And in The Midas Game a young celebrity gamer is accused of murdering a doctor specialising in helping those addicted to online gaming.

To buy any of Abi’s books go to Abi Silver | Eye Books ( or

To hear more about me and the inspiration behind my books, I spoke recently to Sheffield Libraries 

And hear me talk about The Art of Crime Writing at the London Book Fair on 29 June 2021

Praise for the Burton & Lamb series

‘Intelligently conceived and cleverly constructed – topical, relevant and engaging’

Ted Childs, creator of Kavanagh QC

‘It is Abi Silver’s imaginative touches as well as her thorough legal knowledge that make her courtroom thrillers stand out’

Jake Kerridge

‘Rumpole of the Bailey, Kavanagh QC, Perry Mason – now joining their ranks is Judith Burton’

Jewish Chronicle


The Pinocchio Brief

‘A refreshing debut from a former lawyer – a first-rate courtroom drama’

Daily Mail

‘Silver’s taut thriller provides ample food for thought as the defence team confront the implications of machines dispensing justice’

The Times

‘A good read and an excellent first novel’

Literary Review

‘A quirky and charming debut novel that combines modern technology with a good old-fashioned courtroom drama’

Irish Independent


The Aladdin Trial

‘An ingenious and compelling whodunnit’

The Times

‘A sparklingly clever and entertaining mystery with a juicy helping of courtroom drama’

Daily Telegraph

‘What wonderful characters! It’s great to see smart, successful women taking on the real hero role of a story. There isn’t anything I didn’t like about The Aladdin Trial. Smart, relevant, sensitive and immensely readable: an all-round brilliant book’

The Bookbag *****

‘I suspect that the out-of-court component of their activities goes well beyond what you might hope for from your legal counsel, but it makes for great fiction, and the pair are quirky, independent-minded and abrasive enough to make them interesting’

Crime Review

‘Silver reunites Constance Lamb and Judith Burton in another assured display of crime writing. The cut and thrust of a murder trial makes for a compelling climax. Having hit on a winning formula, Silver sticks to it’

Jewish Chronicle

‘Topical, plausible… A book for the beach’

Shots magazine


The Cinderella Plan

‘Who will be to blame in the event of an accident? The person inside the car? The car manufacturer itself? The software engineers? All these questions and more are bought into sharp focus by Abi Silver’

Daily Telegraph

‘Was the man in the driving seat or the car itself responsible for the fatal accident? And is it the AI or the flaws of the humans involved in creating it that poses the greater danger? Tense thriller wrought from a cutting-edge subject’

The Times

‘The Burton and Lamb series always provides excellent courtroom moments and a thoughtful exploration of an area of life where technology is likely to make a big difference in the not-so-far-off future’

Crime Review

‘Abi Silver has carved a niche exploring the moral and practical issues thrown up by technology, and how the law responds. She is adept at turning complex legal debate into compelling legal thrillers …If The Cinderella Plan finds its way on to your holiday reading list, expect to deliver a favourable verdict’

Jewish Chronicle

‘More a whatdunnit than a whodunnit… it is a good story which discusses factual issues society will have to tackle. Previous books by the author have won well-deserved praise’

Law Society Gazette

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