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Oops I did it again…faux pas of a social media newbie

Part 2


“You are really great, mum” my 15-year old said to me once last year.  “Really?” I responded, unused to this kind of tumultuous praise. “Yeah.  All the other mums are always posting embarrassing photos of their kids online and you never do.”  So that’s it.  The source of this ringing endorsement.  And now things are about to change.  How difficult can it be to set up a Facebook account?

“You need to set up an author page” says mediasavvy1 “but link it to your personal page.”  “Then you can post as Abi Silver author and share to your personal page says mediasavvy2.  “That’s the same as your timeline” explains mediasavvy2.  “And then you need to invite people to like your author page.” Why do I do that? I think but don’t say.

“Do you have a Facebook size image of your book cover for your author page?” asks mediasavvy3.  I don’t. “But don’t do anything yet” advises mediasavvy1 “’cos you haven’t got anything to post.  No good having a fabulous picture and an empty page.  Everyone will think you have nothing to say.”

“Make sure you like other people’s posts” says mediasavvy3.  “They will most likely reciprocate.”  “Don’t fall into the habit of pressing like all the time. You need to share too” says mediasavvy4.  “You can share to your timeline or to one of your groups.”  “Don’t just like everything you actually like.  Consider if Abi Silver author would really like it.”  Really?  “And when you leave a comment think about your author persona, would Abi Silver author really say that?”

“Why aren’t you linking all your posts back to your website” says mediasavvy1.  “That way you drive all the traffic back to the product you’re selling.” “Why are you only posting about your book?” says mediasavvy2.  “Don’t you have a life?  Don’t you ever go out?  Post some photos.  Somewhere exotic.  Well anywhere is better than nowhere.”  “People want to see the real you” cajoles mediasavvy4 seeing my disheartened manner.  “They’ll get tired of just seeing book stuff.”

“When people post stuff and you like it or comment or share, DON’T talk about yourself or your book” cautions mediasavvy3.  “That’s really bad form.  It’s like stealing their lunch.”  OMG!  I’ve unwittingly stolen at least half a dozen lunches this week.  Why did I listen to mediasavvy1?  I’ll tell Dan (publisher) I’m having a few days off Fb this week.  I’m sure he’ll understand.

To be continued…next time Twitter

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