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Does anyone still eat blancmange?

(continued from my last post)

Every now and again, mum would make blancmange. Wikipedia provides a wealth of information about the origin of the dish (Middle Ages, possible result of introduction of rice and almonds by Arab traders and it began as a ‘white dish’ – blanc-manger. Even I can manage that French).

The blancmange my mother served us was usually pink and rabbit-shaped. Of course, that led to a robust discussion over which part of the animal we should each be served. Everyone wanted the head or front legs, no one wanted the tail.

I have absolutely no recollection of how this was resolved but, no doubt, given mum’s parenting skills and huge experience with young children (she was headmistress of a burgeoning nursery school), she found a way of satisfying my sisters and me.

Here’s my latest effort at recreating the blancmange of my youth – clearly still a work in progress.

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