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The Rapunzel Act

When Breakfast TV host and nation’s darling, Rosie Harper, is found brutally murdered in her home, suspicion falls on her spouse, formerly international football star, Danny ‘walks on water’ Mallard, now living out of the public eye as trans woman, Debbie. 

Not only must Debbie challenge the hard evidence against her, including her blood-drenched glove at the scene of the crime, she must also contend with the world’s prejudices, as the trial is filmed by Court TV, turning it into a public spectacle.

And the pressure is felt by Judith and Constance too, as they strive to defend their most famous client yet.

Ebook out 25 January 2021: Paperback original available 15 April 2021 order here The Rapunzel Act by Abi Silver | Eye Books ( or here The Rapunzel Act: A Burton & Lamb Case eBook: Silver, Abi: Kindle Store